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If your browser supports the OpenSearch description specification (Firefox 2/3 and Internet Explorer 7/8 do), you can add our search engine with this link:

Add OpenSearch

Quick Searches

Quick Searches allow you to create shortcuts for the web searches you use most often. These are easily accessible through the address bar using only a keyword you've defined. For example, after configuring a Quick Search, simply typing "pa wax pig" in the address bar, no matter what page you might currently be viewing, will instruct the browser to automatically navigate to our website and perform a search for the words "wax" and "pig." (The keyword doesn't have to be "pa," though we think that's easy to remember.)

Firefox / Opera

These instructions are specifically for Firefox, but the Opera instructions are nearly identical. Follow the second set of screenshots to see the slight differences in Opera.

  1. Navigate back to the main page, right click inside the search box, and choose "

    Add a Keyword for this search...

    (Read the rest of the instructions first.)
    Firefox Opera
    Right Click Menu: Firefox Right Click Menu: Opera
  2. In the "

    Add Bookmark

    " window, specify a name and a keyword for your Quick Search. You also have the option to choose the folder in which your Quick Search will be saved. We strongly recommend that you create a folder specifically for storing Quick Searches, as they can behave in unexpected ways if you accidentally click on one instead of accessing it via your keyword in the address bar. (In Opera, Quick Searches are automatically kept separate from bookmarks.)
    Firefox Opera
    Add Bookmark: Firefox Add Bookmark: Opera
  3. Click


    , and you're done! Go on, try it out. Type your keyword followed by some search terms in the address bar and press Enter. You'll like it.
    Example: Firefox
    Example: Opera


  1. Copy this entire URL into your clipboard:
  2. Right click in the address bar and choose "

    Edit search engines...


    Right Click Menu: Chrome
  3. Click "


    " to open the "

    Add Search Engine

    " window. Here, specify a name and keyword for your Quick Search and paste the copied URL into the URL field.

    Add Bookmark: Chrome
  4. Click "


    " then "


    ," then briefly ponder why Google made this process more complicated than Firefox and Opera, and then try out your new Quick Search!

    Example: Chrome

Internet Explorer

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If you have any questions about any of these methods, feel free to contact us.

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